Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix) [radio rip] mp3

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Baroque is back | Vogue Homme International


Mad-Hop Vol.3 compilation

"Call it MAD or simply future Hip Hop, MAD-HOP Vol.3 is an international collection of tracks from world’s finest experimental hip-hop based producers. Generally instrumental, Vol.3 expands from floaty cosmic waves to bass heavy sounds and abstract glitchy beats. With a wide palette of influences including soul, wonky, garage and juke this compilation delivers diverisity and unique flavour.
This third trip around the world has connected artists from Japan, Serbia, Canada, Hungary, U.S.A, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, England, Russia, France and Slovakia." | |

Patrick Wolf - Time Of My Life (No Ceremony Remix) mp3

NO CEREMONY/// (Patrick Wolf "Time Of My Life" Remix) by cpragency |

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Toy Camera - Blissful Youth EP

Download the Blissful Youth EP for free over at

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans music video

Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday mp3

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Neon Indian - Polish Girl music video/ mp3

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The Golden Filter - Mother/ SYNDROMES music video

S Y N D R O M E S // M O T H E R from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

KAMP! - Cairo music video

Roberto Ferri's painting

Prigione di lacrime, olio su tela 40x60
Angelo caduto, olio su tela 38x48
La nascita dell'eclissi, olio su tela 80x80
Lacrime di eros, olio su tela 100x70