Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Sublimacje MixTape (step2of2)

So here is a final second part of the mixtape. The set includes 5 even more danceable tracks:

Sublimacje MixTape step2of2 by chimeryk

1. CFCF - It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Games Remix)
2. Beat Connection - Theme From Yours Truly
3. Kamp! - Distance of The Modern Hearts
4. Body Language - Falling Out
5. Brodka - W Pięciu Smakach

(Check out the previous Step1of2)

Love it, hate it, do whatever you want to - download, shere it with your friends or leave a comment if you wish.

Again, image credits go to Mark Chadwick for his amazing abstract paintings which I used to create the mixtape art cover. For more Chadwick's works go and browse his profile on flicker.

Sublimacje MixTape (step1of2)

Well... I made my first mixtape and just can't hold back from sharing it with you all. This is a first part of two planned, with 6 danceable and dynamic tracks:

Sublimacje MixTape step1of2 by chimeryk

1. Golden Ages - Be Cool (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
2. Washed Out - You'll See It
3. Toro Y Moi - Lissoms
4. Painted Palms - Canopy
5. Teen Daze - Shadows
6. Jordan Klassen - Ask Me Not, Astronaut (Teen Daze Remix)

(Check out Step2of2)

You are more than welcome to download, comment or share the mixtape. Hope you like it.

PS I've used images of Mark Chadwick's amazing paintings to create the mix art cover. Go and see his profile on flickr.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sublimacje's Top Albums of 2010

16. Memoryhouse - "The Years" EP   |   15. Mountain Man - "Made The Harbor"   |   14. Sea Exchange - "Schemes" EP

13. Brodka - "Granda"   |   12. The Golden Filter - "Voluspa"   |   11. The Radio Dept. - "Clinging to a Scheme"

9. Blackbird Blackbird - "Summer Heart"

8. Delphic - "Acolyte"
Delphic - Counterpoint | Check out the track on YouTube

7. Hot Chip - "One Life Stand"
6. MGMT - "Congratulations"

5. Crystal Castles - "Crystal Castles (II)"

4. These New Puritans - "Hidden"

3. Caribou - "Swim"

See what was the Top of 2009 here (in Polish).