Sunday, 29 January 2012

Some Ember - Deep Ocean mp3

Gorgeous Bully - Never Cry mp3

Gorgeous Bully - Never Cry | | via

Beat Culture - Tokyo Dreamer album

Go visit Beat Culture's bandcamp for free download link:

Who Invented Double Tap - When The House Was a Place for Dreamers mp3

"Still Life" | Paweł Zawiślak

felt pens, markers

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gazelle Twin - The Entire City album

Listen the interactive album "The Entire City" on Gazelle Twin's website (highly recommended release):

Friday, 20 January 2012

Lianne La Havas - Forget music video

Lemâitre - Appreciate music video

The Paper Bag Sessions Volume 1

  1. Under The Knife – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  2. Lose It – Austra (stream)
  3. Lindsay – Elliott BROOD
  4. Facelove – PS I Love You
  5. Standing On The Edge – Cuff The Duke
  6. Tornado ’87 – The Rural Alberta Advantage
  7. Believe Me – Austra
  8. If I Get Old – Elliott BROOD
  9. Butterflies and Boners – PS I Love You
  10. Letting Go – Cuff The Duke
Free download:

Rosemary - A Persian Tale (music) video

Karolina Zajączkowska's photography

Clark - Com Touch mp3

Clark - Com Touch

Download by submitting your email here:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Mix for Sublimacje blog

Here is a mix made exclusively for Sublimacje by rising Polish artist and producer Jakub Nox Ambroziak. In the mix he combines various styles of modern electronic music and instrumental hip hop also featuring two tracks from his first album "Dark Side of the Sun". Download the mix here:


  1. 1000 names - It Started As A Remix
  2. Pavel Dovgal - Guinea
  3. James Blake - Pan
  4. Robot Koch - Death Star Droid
  5. Insightful - Question All Things
  6. Four Tet - Angel Echoes
  7. Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated
  8. Moa Pillar - Water Lily
  9. Two Inch Punch - Love You Up
  10. DZA - J-dat Inc. (Listening MD in Dub)
  11. Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Solar System (DARK SIDE OF THE SUN)
  12. Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Dark Side of the Sun (DARK SIDE OF THE SUN)
Jakub Ambroziak's new album is out 18.01.2012. Stream it on Ambroziak's soundcloud profile or purchase via allegro (distributed in Poland only).

Granit - Granit EP

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Feist - Caught a Long Wind (SertOne Refix) mp3 | via

Edwin Jabłoński's photography

Gosts - Belive album

Gosts - Love stream/mp3

'Love' is included in Gosts' release "Belive" available for free download at the band's bandcamp page:

Soso - Who's Gonna Love Me music video/mp3

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Friendly Fires - Bells Of Adderbury Church Mix

by Ed MacFarlane, of Friendly Fires


1. Adrian Corker - Bells and Tape1 
2. The Advisory Circle - Further Starry Wisdom 
3. Mark McGuire - Alma Reprise/Chances Are 
4. Tortoise - Crest 
5. Popol Vuh - MorgengruB 
6. Donald McGrombie - Stourton Wake 1 
7. The Advisory Circle - Sundial 
8. Panda Bear - Slow Motion 
9. Dorias Baracca - The Only Touch 
10. Simon and Garfunkel - For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her (Live) 
11. Chris Watson - Veracruz

Stay+ – Dandelion music video |

Egyptrixx - Chrysalis Records (ft. Trust) music video

Grimes - Genesis mp3

Grimes - Genesis

Grimes - Skin | via

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Leif Podhajsky's design

Young Magic - Melt album artwork.

artwork for Shabazz Palaces

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker album artwork