Sunday, 23 January 2011

Arne Nordheim - Electric album (originally released in 1974)

"The technical aspects alone are staggering; the wildly manipulated atmospheres sound as if they were created with the most advanced computer sound editors... of course, they weren't, having been recorded in 1968 - 1970. The much-appreciated liner notes briefly detail some of the techniques employed by Nordheim, and it does not sound easy. But due to Nordheim's artistic persistence, the results are absolutely stunning.

Solitaire [a first track] lives up to its namesake in both the sparkling and the singular sense. Various crystalline effects achieve the former, and the piece's disjointed nature causes the latter, depositing the listener alone in some strange otherworld. Drones, echoes, mutated voices are all part of the track, but thousands of tinkling shards create an utterly icy, and often chaotic, environment." - bravo juju

Arne Nordheim - Electric

1. Solitaire (1968)
Arne Nordheim - Solitaire by chimeryk
2. Pace (1970)
3. Warszawa (1970)
4. Polypoly (1970)
5. Colorazione (1968)

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