Wednesday, 2 March 2011

"Everyday Phantastic" mixtape by Phantastic Symphony

Listen and download this amazing live-recorded mixtape from a bit enigmatic DJ under the name Phantastic Symphony. Here is what he says about himself:

"Sooo my dj ambition
It starts with two things
I love to dance and my favorite dance hits, mostly from chillwavers, don't make it to dance floors with BIG SPEAKERS
my mission is to bring the songs to dance floors, especially the remixes which haven't had hope of being danced to outside our bedrooms
these mixes, on sound cloud, tend to be a bit psychedelic to appeal to the other music aficionados, but they always make a dance turn
I've only been at it for a few months, but the soon to come future will see the use of new mixing equipment as well as vocals on tracks that need them by my friends and I"

Phantastic Symphony profile on SoundCloud

The art cover made by Chimeryk.

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