Thursday, 21 June 2012

Midsummer Night's Dreaming compilation

Sublimacje blog is proud to present a new compilation. This time we invited our favorite artists, the ones we support and to whom we are connected, to contribute to the release by picking a summer related track. What we have come up with is a unique collection of music that can easily be the soundtrack of the upcoming warm and lazy summer nights. It's also an opportunity to cast some light on these wonderful, both well-known and emerging artists whose work we very much appreciate. You can take a listen, download the whole compilation and read below short infos about the artists we worked with.

1. WHO INVENTED DOUBLE TAP |  an audio/video collective from Warsaw, Poland. Lately they have been preparing a new EP to be released later this year.
Bandcamp | Soundcloud
Recommedation: Kodak to Graph - Express / Cause

2. BAM SPACEY | Magnus Johansson, a Swedish electronic musician signed to the young record label Ceremony. His beautiful "Land" EP was released on May 22nd  and since then he has had appearances in all major blogs around.
Soundcloud | Facebook
Recommendation: Bam Spacey - Ström

3. KAMP! | "a Polish electronic pop trio formed in 2008 in Lodz, Poland. Their sound is often described as melodic synth-pop influenced by 80's new wave, 70's krautrock and 90's french house genres."*
Facebook | Soundcloud
Recommendation: Twilite - One Quiet Moment (Lieke Remix)

4. ROSINSKI | a Polish electronic artist associated with Please Feed My Records label/collective based in Zielona Góra, Poland.
Facebook |  Soundcloud
Recommendation: Glass Candy - Warm in the winter (ODDAGE Rework)

5. MOON POLLEN | an Argentinian electronic/chillwave duo (or quartet when performing live) specialized in delivering a constant feel of lazy summertime.
Facebook | Soundcloud
Recommendation: Moon Pollen - Shine

6. BEWILDERBEAST | is Gus Beamish-Cook, a British electronic/chillwave artist. His latest and great "Running" EP came out in April this year on Airlines.
Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

7.  OSAKA RECORDS | Dublin, Ireland based record label.
Recommendation: Last Days Of 1984 - River's Edge

8. SIR MILTON VON S | the side project of a member of Moon Pollen. He creates dreamy ambient sound landscapes, but also makes astonishing artworks.
Recommendation: Sir Milton Von S - 1979

9. HEART OF HEARTS | is Greg Hatem from Baltimore, Maryland (US). His new album is coming out later this summer on Bleek Records. Greg about his recommendation: "It's called 'Cabana Boy,' by a band that I play drums with called Mr. Moccasin.  It's from our album that's coming out soon."
Facebook | Soundcloud
Recommendation: Mr. Moccasin - Cabana Boy

10. SACRED ANIMALS | a great indie/folk/electronic artist from Dublin, Ireland. He's currently working on new material for his debut album.
Facebook | Website
Recommendation: Sacred Animals Vs Steffaloo - On Fire

11. ODDAGE | an electronic artist and dj based in Zielona Góra and associated with local label/collective Please Feed My Records.
Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp
Recommendation: UL/KR - Tuż nad głowami (rosinski remix)

12. POÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE | an Austrian/French electronic pop duo making "deep, warm synthsounds, percussive drumsets combined with guitar loops and Ben Auris' haunting voice".
Website | Facebook | Soundcloud
Recommendation: Veli - Golden

13. JOUISSANCE | is a project of a Saint Catherines, Ontario, Canada based dj obsessed and inspired by Lacanian theories.
Facebook | Soundcloud
Recommendation: Elite Gymnastics - WΛKΛ


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