Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bleek Records Compilation

Bleek Records are giving away their new compilation featuring tracks from Heart Of Hearts, Mr. Moccasin, Cloud Seeding and more:

  1. Cloud Seeding "The Light" - Alt Mix (feat. Nadine Carina) *
  2. Natureboy "Pariah"
  3. Heart Of Hearts "Candling"
  4. House Of Wolves "There She Goes"
  5. Two Twins "Bell Tower"
  6. Mr. Moccasin "Black On Black"
  7. Cloud Seeding "Ink Jar" (feat. Marissa Nadler)
  8. Natureboy "Heart To Fool"
  9. House Of Wolves "Let's Go To Tucson" *
  10. Eden Sela "Laying It To Rest"
  11. Masterface "Excuse Me Girl"
  12. Heart Of Hearts "Fortunate Jim" *
  13. Easy Lover "End of the Season"
* = Exclusive Unreleased Tracks

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