Thursday, 29 November 2012

Voting for Best Albums Of 2012 on Sublimacje

Every year we publish a list of our favorite records of the past 12 months. But this year it will be different.. This time we want YOU to create the rank of the best albums of 2012! In appreciation of being listeners of the blog we'd like to get to know your personal selection and if possible, create a rank list based on votes from all of you.

To join making the list simply send us an email to or message on Facebook with up to 3 names of full-length albums you think deserve to be called "YOUR best records of 2012". It's also a good reason to just say hello :) Waiting for your votes till December the 14th. That is... till a week before the end of the world! ;)

Summary of how to vote for the best albums of 2012:

WHAT: Names of your 3 favorite records of the year
WHERE: Send them to or in a private message to our Facebook page: here
WHEN: Deadline for your submission is the 14th of December.

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