Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Goodbye + LOV compilation

Today, after almost 4 years of delivering new music I decided to put the blog on hiatus. I think I've reached the point where the formula of recommending new artists and (in general) music aesthetics has expired and should now be replaced by another project or transformed into something bigger or different. However, for now, mostly because of personal circumstances, I'm unable to push forward.

I believe you've had a great time so far listening to the content I precisely have been selecting for you for the past few years. I'm going to have a break from the blog, but I continue my romance with music. Hopefully I'll be back as soon as possible, maybe with a new project, so stay with Sublimacje for occasional posts and some info.

To say goodbye.. or rather "see you later" I made a compilation for your (and my) enjoyment. Preview it on mixcloud or download it for free below:
  1. Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday
  2. Slow Magic - On Yr Side
  3. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
  4. Phantogram - Don't Move
  5. Purity Ring - Fineshrine
  6. Taquwami  - Ƒắη†Δ§ỷ
  7. Wasted Nights - Daze
  8. Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (Cracks Remix)
  9. Sally Shapiro - Hold Me So Tight
  10. Chad Valley - Fall 4 U (ft. Glasser)
  11. Strip Steve - Astral Projection (Feat. Puro Instinct)
  12. D I A N A - Born Again
  13. When Saints Go Machine - Hos Mig Igen (feat. Coco O.)



P.S. Here are some links to blogs and websites that shares similar taste in music:


  1. Replies
    1. Dzięki, Czarek. Do zobaczenia jeszcze kiedyś w Zielonej, albo przyjeżdżaj na set chłopaków w maju do Wro

  2. Your blog has given me so much, thank you for all you do, your posts will truly be missed.

    1. Thanks Corey! It means a lot to me. I look forward to your new stuff - let me know when it's ready. Good luck!

  3. Opened sublimacje today to see your last post.
    I felt a pain in my heart and as Corey wrote: you will be missed.
    This is the only blog I have ever followed in my life and it was always a pleasure to listen to your amazing music recommendations!
    All the best for you and your future projects, please keep us posted,

    Dzięki Adam,
    Pozdrowienia z Sydney.

    1. Thank you so much Alicja for these kind words.. they are very important to me.


  4. dzięki za pomoc w odkryciu tak ogromnej ilości wspaniałej muzyki..."Adamowa muzyka" to wciąż jeden z najczęściej odtwarzanych przeze mnie folderów.

    Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze gdzieś, kiedyś się zobaczymy.