Thursday, 17 February 2011

Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting album

Can't stop playing the album recently. Here's a review of the third Young Galaxy's album Shapeshifting:

"Shapeshifting feels like the band have cultivated a sound that comes to them naturally, created organically. The reality is very much the opposite; Young Galaxy took the raw material that they’d been working on for their third LP and emailed it off to Dan Lissvik, one half of the Swedish duo Studio, who worked, reworked, and then worked some more on, er, shaping these 11 songs into the final product we hear on record. Young Galaxy had no input at all into what Lissvik was doing. They didn’t even get to hear any of the material until October last year, when Lissvik played Young Galaxy their new album over Skype.
Was the resulting icy cold, 80s-indebted synth-laden dance beats what they had envisioned when they gave Lissvik production control? Considering who they chose to helm the record, I’d say yes, very much so. Without hearing the raw material Lissvik was given, it’s all speculation as to whether the songs are radical reworkings or have just had spit and polish applied, but as I said earlier, this sound suits Young Galaxy like a glove. (...)
You have to give Young Galaxy all due respect. They have never shied away from pushing the limits and boundaries that would cage lesser bands in. Young Galaxy have always played by their own rules; on Shapeshifting, they’ve not only written the rules, they have created a whole new game for themselves." |

Listen/download some of the tracks from Shapeshifting below or stream the whole album here.

Young Galaxy  "Shapeshifting"
  1. Nth (00:32)
  2. The Angels Are Surely Weeping (feat. Hanna) (03:39)
  3. Blown Minded (03:23)
  4. We Have Everything (04:36)
  5. For Dear Life (05:05)
  6. Peripheral Visionaries (03:36)
  7. High and Goodbye (03:09)
  8. Phantoms (04:18)
  9. Cover Your Tracks (03:47)
  10. B.S.E. (04:58)
  11. Shapeshifting (04:43)

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